"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world" Maria Montessori

November Fun in Miss Robin's and Mrs. Amber's Rm 105

Cultural studies are very important in the Montessori classroom. Each child is taught that they are similar to other people and yet they have differences that make them unique and special. We start each child's Montessori experience with self discovery. For example, the child looks at his/her reflection in the mirror and draws what he/she sees. We then introduce the classroom as their school community. Then we discuss our neighborhoods, homes and places people live. Next we learn that the Earth has land, air and water. We have fun activities, which we call the child's work. The child matches land, air and water pictures to land, air and water in a bottle. The child also classifies other objects that go on land, air and water. We learn the continents by singing songs, exploring globes where each continent has its own color, and puzzle maps. After introducing the continents, we take a closer look at each continents' culture. We discuss the people and animals that live on the continent and some common landmarks. We also have items from the continents for the children to explore or prepare food that is popular to the continents culture. Cultural studies entice the child to learn about the world around him and teach the child respect for all cultures and our world.


In November, our class focused on our nation's culture and we took a closer look at each child's family culture. We invited the children to show the class their family pictures and discussed any holiday celebrations they have at home. Then we discussed the first Thanksgiving. We talked about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We discussed what being thankful means and shared with each other what we are thankful for. The children made fun art projects like turkeys and costumes. Then the day before Thanksgiving we had a class feast. The children brought in a fruit to help make a fruit salad. The teachers brought in other foods that were probably at the first Thanksgiving. We also had a play Teepee and Native American music playing in the background. The children made up a rain dance to the music. November is a wonderful time to learn about our countries culture and our friend's families.