Room 104

Hello Room 104 Families,

This week we began learning our sight words.  We have learned I, A and The.  We also talked about how words are put together to make sentences and sentences are put together to make stories.  The children are very excited to get their new writing journals next week and begin working on writing their own stories.  We have also been learning the difference between light objects and heavy objects.  Next Friday (March 17th) we will be having a St. Patrick’s Day party. Your children may wear their favorite green outfit if they wish.  Treats will not be necessary.

Thank You,

Miss Kim & Miss Kari

What you need to Know for Room 105

“This then is the first duty of an educator to stir up life.  But leave it free to develop.” 

                                                                                                                        Maria Montessori


Another week is finished, and graduation is coming closer.  We had a busy week.  We learned about the letter “Aa”.  There was much to learn about the letter “A” the short and long sound, the shape of the “A”.  We also listened for the sound of the letter “A” in words that started with that letter and words that had “a” in the middle like cat, hat etc..

Next week we will put some letters together with the letter “a” and see what words we can come up with.  This will be the beginning of our sight words.  I will start to send home index cards with the letters that we have learned and are working on.  I would suggest you lay them out on the kitchen table and review them on a daily basis.  This will help them become wonderful lifetime learners.  We will also talk about the letter “Hh.”

 On Friday, we will have a St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Please bring in a green treat if you would like and also, wear something green.  

 We have several birthdays this week:





Hope you all have a great Birthday and a special day!!!!

Until next week………..Ms. Stacey

Room 105 News

This week we focused on shoe tying and matching objects with their beginning letter sounds. We also learned a few new sight words.

     Our letter of the week was Nn. During discussions the children came up with many words that start with Nn. Some of these included nice, nail polish, news, net, numbers and many others.  Next week we will study the letter Uu.

       We started studying Europe on Wednesday. We learned that it has a variety of climates, mountains, valleys, coasts, peninsulas, seas and many other fun facts.  Next week we will focus on Ireland.

Sight words we have practiced

a, I, the, to, at, and, go, my, you, up, can, run, love, mom, dad, see, happy, birthday, clap, fast, slow, stop, jump, hop

You can practice these at home too.  Make flash cards and play a memory game, or post them on the refrigerator, or somewhere your child can see them regularly. 

                                                                       Have a great week!

                                                                       Miss Robin and

                                                                       Mrs. Tonia

Hello Room 104 Families!

We had lots of fun celebrating the life of Dr. Seuss this week!  Thank you to all who participated!  Next week we are back to normal routine.  Next Friday (March 17th) we are going green for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Children can wear their favorite green outfits to school and we may have a special visitor during rest time.  That’s it for now. Have a wonderful week!


Miss Kim and Miss Kari

Room 102 News

“Our joy is to touch, and conquer souls, and this is the one prize which can bring us a true compensation.”
                                                                                                               Maria Montessori

Can you believe the storms we had on Wednesday evening and night’? 

March roars in like a lion
So fierce,
The wind so cold,
It seems to pierce.

The month rolls on
And Spring draws near,
And March goes out
Like a lamb so dear.

by Lorie Hill

Let’s hope the end of March will be nice and calm and Spring has arrived

This has been a busy week. We worked on the letter Mm and Letter Bb. When we talk about the letters we talk about the sound of the letter, the shape of the letter, how the letter sounds, if it is in the beginning or at the end of the word.  We have sandpaper letters so they trace the letters with their fingers. They also have a chance to write the letter in their journal book during their work time.  We reviewed the letters Ff and Tt.  I will start to send home index cards with the letters that we have learned and are working on.  I would suggest you lay them out on the kitchen table and review them on a daily basis.  This will help them become wonderful lifetime learners.  This week we will work on the letter Aa and will work on reviewing on all the other letters we have learned.

We had dental students from IPFW come in and talked to us about the importance of brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist on a regular basis.  They put on a good program and the children enjoyed brushing the stuffed animals teeth. 

We also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. We had the chance to read several of his books. Hoping to read some more of his next week.

This year we will do a five week class with Junior Achievement.  The program is called “Our Money.”  There are five session: Choices, Value, Earning Money, Spending and Saving, and Sharing.  They use a Little Critter Book, an activity, finger play, and discussion and review. This year our teacher assistants will be doing the presenting of Junior Achievement to the children in their classroom.  We did our first session and the children really enjoyed it.  They had a good discussion about wants and needs! We will probably do one a week unless we have a real rainy week then we might do two that week.

I think this pretty much catches you up in 102

Until next time,

Ms. Stacey

Room 105 News

Our class will be very busy this month. This month we are going to continue learning about ways to keep healthy. Some of our discussions will be about healthy food choice, exercise, and getting plenty of rest.  We will also discuss things that are bad for the body like tobacco products, poisons and other people’s medications. The children also will be learning about Europe. We will study Ireland and discuss potatoes, leprechauns, rainbows, gold, the color green, shamrocks (4 leaf clovers) and St Patrick.

            Dates to Remember

March 12th Time Springs Forward

March 16th- MLK Movie Night at the Library

March 17th – Wear Green

March 20th- First Day of Spring!!!!

March 23rd= Doughnuts for Dads

March 24th – No School Staff Development

April 4th-8th – Spring Break (No School)

Spotlight on Health

  Sleep is so important! Pediatricians agree that not getting enough sleep can cause children serious problems such as: 

·         Reduced coordination and reaction time; tired children are much more likely to get hurt.

·         Difficulty paying attention and reduced memory retention, which results in less learning in school.

·         Increased irritability, rising frustration, and difficulty controlling emotions.

Here are some guidelines on how much sleep children need in a 24 hour period (night time and naptime sleeps combined):

Age 3: 12-12 ½ hours  

Age 4: 11 ½ -12 hours

Age 5: 10- 11 hours

Our naptime at school is about 1 ½ hours long.

                                             *Information provided by the Children’s Home Society of California


                                                                                                         Miss Robin and Mrs. Tonia