September 2019

Welcome Back!!

The new 2019-2020 school year has begun!  We are excited and thrilled to begin a new year.  We welcome our new families and are happy to see some returning faces. 

  We are asking that everyone who self-transports their child please follow the arrows and get in the car line.  Once the buses are lined up in front Please do not proceed around them.  This is for the safety of our children.  Dismissal is at 3:30, buses will load at 3:25, and car riders will be dismissed at 3:30.  If someone else is picking up your child please give us a call by 2:30 to let us know.  We will need their full name and they will need to show their ID and sign the child out before leaving with the child.  Please make sure they are aware of this procedure.

If you need to park and come inside we ask that you wait until all the children have either entered or exited the building and also to park on the west side of the parking lot(section closest to Anthony), as to not block the buses or have the buses block you.

Once again this is for the safety of the children, staff and parents.

Please look for folders coming home with important information for/about your child.  Please return the folders the next day.

More Important News

School begins at 8:30am.  Please make sure you have your child here on time.  You may only come late by 10:30am with a note from a Physician’s office stating the child had been seen. Please call to let us know.

•        Please look for folders coming home with important information for/about your child.  Please return the folders the next day

Please make sure you have your child’s physical updated.We need all children’s physicals to be dated within the year and signed by the doctor, and turned in by September 30, 2019.

Important Announcement

Starting 9.9.19 we ask that you do not walk your child to their classroom. They need to gain their independence and leave you at the door.   

Just a reminder: All BrightPoint swipes need to be completed by 5:30pm every Friday. If this is not done, your child will not be able to attend school until it is done. Thank you for your support in this!

Just a reminder:

It’s so exciting to see children grow and learn right before your eyes.  The teachers are getting acquainted with all the children, and the children are getting acquainted with each other and learning all the rules of the classroom.  We will be having our Back to School Breakfast Thursday September 12th at 8:30am.  Please get involved with your child’s education; learn the teacher’s specific guidelines and expectations for your child’s classroom.  This will give you the opportunity to see exactly what your child is working on and how they manipulate the Montessori works.  We are looking forward to a great new year with lots of fun, learning and parent involvement. 

Parent Reminders:

Make sure your child has an extra change of clothing here that is appropriate for the weather.  We know that sometimes accidents happen and we would like to refrain from calling parents at work/school if necessary.

You need to call the office if your child will not be riding the bus. In the mornings please call close to 7am. If you need to call earlier leave a message at extension 100.

If your child will not be riding the bus in the afternoon please call the office no later than 3pm so we can notify the bus drivers and the teachers.

Upcoming Events

September 10

PAC Parent Meeting at 6pm

September 12

Back to School Breakfast at 8:30am

Mark your calendars—

10.3.19 Picture Day

10.10.19 Goodies with Grandparents

10.11.19 No School-Staff Development

Staff Spotlight:

Greta McKinney, Executive Director

Greta McKinney began her tenure as Director of MLK Montessori School in April 2012. Greta received her undergraduate degree in Human Services from Purdue University and her master’s degree in Education from Indiana University. Greta’s passion for Montessori began in the mid-eighties when she was employed as an assistant at the Sarah Lynch Developmental Center. There, she worked with children with disabilities utilizing the Montessori philosophy. 

Greta is passionate about ensuring that every child receives a high-quality education. In her role as Director, she hires only licensed and degreed (or degree-seeking) teachers. She also ensures that all teachers are Montessori-certified.

Greta’s goal for MLK Montessori School is to continue to instill in children a love of learning that will enable them to confidently meet the challenges and demands they will face as they become our future leaders. 

Room 101 September

Ms. Kristine 


Ms. Ann

(260) 423-4333

Welcome to Fall!!!!

All of the students in room 101 are falling into our  daily routine and are making new friends each day.  Way to go!

This month we will continue to work on table manners, self care and using kind words with others.  Just a friendly reminder, it's always helpful to continue these practices at home as well.  We appreciate all you do!!!

READ!! Try to get in 30 minutes of reading each day. (Doesn’t have to be continuous)

•Let them help you cook. Help them to measure out ingredients.

•Have them sort toys by color, shape, size, etc.

Important Dates:

September 5 – Allen County Public Library Story Presentation

•September 12- Back to school Breakfast

104 September Newsletter

Ms. Melanie



Happy fall! We have had a good first month. Don’t’ forget about the blog., I am working on keeping it up to date. Just a reminder to send in family pictures. It helps the students when they are sad, and makes the classroom feel more like a home to them.  As  the weather starts to turn,

please make sure you are checking the weather. Maybe send an extra   sweater for them to leave at school.

READ!! Try to get in 30 minutes of reading each day. (Doesn’t have to be continuous)

Let them help you cook. (Help them to measure out ingredients.)

Have them sort toys by color, shape, size, etc.

Important Dates:

September 2- No School

September 12- Back to school Breakfast

105 September Newsletter

Miss Alexis

Miss Stephany

Miss Robin

Kindergarten/Advanced 5 year olds


Hello Parents!

Welcome to a new school year! We will be sending home newsletters throughout the year to keep you updated on what is going on in our room.

We have already began visiting the library every Tuesday. Each student will be allowed to check out two books that they should be reading at home to a parent or with a parent throughout the week. Books should be returned back to school the following Monday in order to check out new books that week.

We will be posting family pictures in our classroom so please provide a family photo (these can be emailed to Miss Robin at

Reading logs should be completed each night, including over the weekend. Please make sure this is sent back to school every day in their green folder.

Homework  folders will be sent out Monday 9/16 and should be returned that following Friday with papers completed.

READ!! Try to get in 20 minutes of reading each day. (Doesn’t have to be continuous)

•Let them help you cook. Help them to measure out ingredients.

•Practice singing the alphabet with them using only the letter sounds.

•Have them sort toys by color, shape, size, etc.

Important Dates:

•September 2- No School

•September 12- Back to school Breakfast at 8:30

•September 16- Homework will start being sent home

September Newsletter

Ms. Sheila


Contact me @:

  • We are a class that loves to learn! Some things we will be working on this  month we will be :

  • Practical Life: pouring, transferring and spooning

  • Recognizing letters and numbers

  • Table manners- Say please and thank you!


       1. Make sure your student has extra clothes.

        2. Students use pillows and  blankets they should be taken home on Fridays.

READ!! Try to get in 20 minutes of reading each day.

•Assign your child a chore..they always feel proud of accomplishments

•Praise is key, even if they might not cooperate.

April Newsletter

Out like a lamb…

Here we go, we are in the home run. These last two months are going to fly by. If you haven’t already, feel free to stop by the office and ask about our S.T.E.M. Summer Camp. 


Spring has sprung. Now that the weather is getting warmer, we will be going back outside every day unless it is raining. Please make sure to send jackets for your students. You may want to send a pair of play shoes also; the playground can be muddy sometimes. I am currently working on spring assessments, which means parent teacher conferences are just around the corner. They will be held on May 2nd & 3rd. 

What we are Learning:

·       We are now learning numbers 16-20

·       Patterns

·       Still working on beginning sounds

·       Rhyming words

·       Tracing/writing letters

At Home:

Here are some things you can do at home…

·        Sort toys by color, shape, or size

·        Drawing numbers, letters, or names outside with chalk

·        Count how many flowers they see

·        Say what letter an object begins with

·        Count how many times they can hop on one foot

·        Try walking a line backwards


Ms. Melanie

Mr. James