Room 102 Newsletter

Wow can you believe it is almost October.  We have had a good month.  The children have been learning about the materials and how they can use them. We will continue to introduce new material each day. I will be sending home some information about the different work areas we have in our classroom within the next couple of weeks. I will try to include some pictures with that information.

The Apple Orchard was a great time. We learned in the classroom about the life cycle of an apple. We also did an Apple Tasting activity.  I brought in seven different kinds of apples.  We found out that they do not all taste the same. Some of the apples were tart, sour and sweet. Everyone in the class liked each kind of apples.. Thank you to all the parents that came and helped us out.  We really appreciate you support and help.

It is getting cooler outside so you may want to send in some long pants and long sleeved shirts.  Also, we do go outside everyday unless it is below 32. Please make sure your child has a jacket. 

October is going to be a busy month.  We started a food drive.  Please bring in items so we can bless families during the upcoming holiday season.  The class that has the most food gets a surprise. Let’s make 102 the winning classroom.


10-5Goodies for Grandparents 8:30-9:30   10-12 Pumpkin Patch ½ of the class goes                

10/13 Pumpkin Patch ½ of the class goes                10-17 Parent Engagement 6pm-7pm





10-28 Fall Festival 6pm-7pm                                 11-3 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-6 pm

11-4 Parent Teacher Conferences 8:30am-3:30 pm