June Newsletter

We have ended another school year and are getting ready for another summer/fall program. Our students have blossomed into independent and creative learners.  Graduation day was Friday June 3rd and we had a great turn-out.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed their week off of summer vacation. 

 Our Summer Program kicks off Today Monday June 13th, and we are delighted to have a few of our 2015 graduates come back from Kindergarten this summer; and we hope to see our 2016 graduates return next summer as well.  Our weekly tuition remains the same for summer as they are in the fall; whatever your financial obligations have been they will remain the same. We will only have 2 buses running instead of 3 for the summer.   We apologize ahead of time for the inconvenience and effect this might have on you, and we appreciate your flexibility.  Please remember ALL children not on the bus must arrive by 8:30am and picked up by 3:30pm.  There will not be any before care or after care during the summer and the office hours are 7am-5pm.

 We have an awesome summer program planned this year.  It is a little different than what we’ve done in the past but we are looking forward to trying something new.  The children will rotate throughout the building each week.  Each classroom has a different theme and field trips and projects to go along with that theme.  The summer program is filled with lots of fun outdoor activities and field trips (see the attached calendar).   Other field trips not listed will be announced as scheduled.

                             The themes are as follows:

  • Room 101 -- Get fit/Healthy Living
  • Room 102 – Beach fun
  • Room 103 – Sports for kids
  • Room 104 – Famous Artists
  • Room 105 – Science and more


All children will need swimsuits and a towel for outdoor sprinkler play and trips to the local splash pads.   We ask that swimwear remain at the school for the duration of the summer. If you want your child to be protected from the sun, please be sure to put sunscreen on your child daily before coming to school.  Licensing does not allow us to apply any creams or lotions on children without Doctors written and signed notification.


 Flip-flops are not acceptable footwear for school.  They are hazardous for outdoor play, getting on and off buses etc.  Children in flip flops will not be able to join in outdoor activities and field trips. You will be asked to pick up your child.  Please support our efforts to keep your children safe this summer!! Thank you.