Room 101 News

Room 101 is lead by Ms. Quay and Ms. Angela

This week the children are learning a lot of different things.  Because each child learns differently we base our teaching on what the child needs to know and to help them mature in all other areas of the classroom!  We have been working with everyone on how to tie shoes, especially our graduates.

 We also have been working on math works such as numbers 1-9, 1-10, 11-19, and 1-20.   We have introduced a new work to some of the children who have advanced to the decimal system learning ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands, which they are really starting to love doing.  We are working with everyone on name tracing and writing, we are also doing letter sounds of the alphabet and we are starting to break letters down into groups.  The children will learn at least five sounds at a time.  We also do them together during our line time in the morning as a group.  

We work on cite words, which we have been doing since the beginning of school.  Our cite words are: jump, play, a, help, me, up, we, I , look.  I will add a new word next week, as we continue go over the other words that the children are already familiar with.  This is an advancement on teaching them how to read!  We are very busy with learning in 101!  Please help your child with learning how to tie their shoes.  This is our biggest hardship in our class, please encourage them that they can do it!