Room 102 News

Room 102 is lead by Ms. Stacey and Ms. Julia

“The child becomes a person through work.”   Maria Montessori

Wow, can you believe it is January?   We spent this past week talking about Martin Luther King and what he did for our country.  Also, we introduced the concept of filling buckets.  We all have invisible buckets that we carry and we can fill them by showing kindness, appreciation and love.  Next week, we will learn a song about filling buckets.  So, we ask you…is your bucket full?

We are asking each one of you to do an activity with your child at home and make a VALENTINE'S BOX.  You will decorate a shoe box so your child will have a place for their Valentine.  Please have the boxes at school by February 6, 2017. 

Next week, we will continue to work on the recognition and the sounds of the following letters a,b,c,f,g,h,i,l,m,r,t.  We are encouraging writing and counting to 100.  We are using the 100 board to help the child achieve recognizing numbers and counting.

We enjoyed playing on the black top this week and got some fresh air.  We will continue to try and go out if the temperature allows.  Please keep this in mind when you dress your child in the morning.  We do encounter mud and puddles as we walk to the black top. 

It will be a busy week and until we chat next week, keep those buckets full!!!          

Ms. Stacey and Ms. Julia