Room 103 News

Room 103 is Currently lead by Ms. Marueen and Ms. Quilla.

Dear Room 103 Family

After a nice, and hopefully relaxing winter break. we are ready to get back to work and learn some new skills.  The first two weeks back, we did a quick review of what we had been taught prior to winter break.  We have been putting some new items on the work shelves, to expand on what we have been learning.

This week (1/17-1/20) we have been working on opposites.  We started by playing a game on opposites.  We gave each child a puzzle piece with a picture of an opposite on it.  Each child then had to find their partner/friend that had the picture piece which had the opposite of their picture piece.  Then they had to come to one of the teachers and put the puzzle together and tell us what the opposite pair was (i.e. soft(yarn)/hard(rock).  The children really enjoyed the lesson as an interactive instead of a presentation.  It is rewarding and exciting to see the children collaborate with one another.  I will have this work item for the children on our language shelf so they can continue to work and develop this skill.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Maureen/Ms. Quilla should you have any question or concerns.

Thank you