Room 105 News

Room 105 is led by Ms. Robin and Ms. Tonia

This week we finished our discussions on Martin Luther King Jr.  The children talked about some of their hopes and dreams and different ways to be kind to all their friends.  Last week the children enjoyed marching down the hallway to the song, “Teaching Peace All Around the World” while carrying signs decorated with caring words. 

    Our class has been talking about winter the last few weeks, and waiting to see some of the snow we usually have. If it does not snow next week we will make our own ice and snow to do experiments with and have fun. We are also starting our study of the continents with Antarctica. This continent goes well with our theme of winter, snow and ice. 

     In math, we introduced the ten bar (a bar of ten beads hooked together) from the decimal tray. The children quietly walked around the circle with the ten and placed it in the hands of another child who was sitting quietly and said "ten". This game is called, The Quiet Walk.

     In language, the children brought items in their letter bags that start with the letter “Ss.” Next week’s letter bag will be “Kk.”                                                                   

Have a great week! 

Miss Robin and Mrs. Tonia