Room 102 News

         “Such experiences is not just play…. It is work he must do in order to grow up.”

                                             Maria Montessori  

It was another busy week for room 102.  Of course, we have to start off with the circus.  I am sure your child came home with many exciting stories and news about what they saw this morning at the circus.  Thank you so much for the Mipzah Shine Circus for allowing us to attend.  Please make sure you say thank you for allowing us to attend the Shine Circus. They still have tickets available for shows on Saturday and Sunday.  You may contact the Shrine office, Ticketmaster or the Memorial Coliseum.

Have you started on your Valentine’s Day Box?  Please have your box at school by February 6, 2017.  We do have an extra school box at school if you need one.

During work time, we have been stressing math, language, learning the sounds of letters and recognition of letters.  We also have been working on writing letters, numbers, and our names.

Ms. Julia took the time and reviewed some Spanish with us.  We did the calendar, body parts, colors and the alphabet.

Next week, we will continue on these skills and work on the letters Ff, and Tt.  We will talk about the shape, words and the sound of the letter. We will add letters each week.

I will be gone at the end as I will be having surgery and hope to return on Monday, February 6, 2017!!