We are now six weeks into our 2017-2018 school year, and we have been quite busy.  The first six to eight weeks of the Montessori curriculum is dedicated to normalization.  During the normalization period we introduce the children to the rules of the class, the Montessori materials in the classroom and how they are used and cared for, and also acquainting ourselves with one another.

            The Montessori area that we have been focused is our Practical Life area.  In practical life, we help the children with life skills that they will use every day, such as the correct way to pour liquids from a pitcher, scooping with spoons and ladles from one bowl into another bowl, folding, buttoning, zipping their coats, sweeping.  These skills even though simple in thought, promote so much more. Pouring and scooping for example help the children develop hand/eye coordination, grasping skills, volume of matter.  As for folding, buttoning, and zipping the children learn how to care for themselves and others.  Evening during our mealtimes, the children are engaged and learning how to take care of themselves, and their environment.  The children take their plates to the table, pour their own milk, sit at the table and have conversations with those at their table.  When they are finished, the children take care of their place, by scraping the plates, emptying the glasses, and taking care of any spills or messes at the table they were sitting.  These skills give the children great pride and responsibility for themselves, others, and their environment. 

            Our children have learned some important skills and lessons which we are sure they would like to tell you and show you. Please give them the opportunities to show you what they have learned and taken great pride in.

            In October, we will beginning on letter recognition, and sequencing of events.  These lessons will introduce the children to the Language area of the Montessori curriculum.

Thank you,

Ms. Julia and Ms. Maureen

Thank you from Room #102 to all our parents who helped on our field trip to the apple orchard, it was greatly appreciated.