Room 104 Weekly News

Hello Room 104 Families,

This week we continued to learn about friendship and loving one another. We continue to focus on learning yoga and other things to take care of our bodies and our spiritual well being.  This week in our practical life area we learned how to bathe a baby. In our math area we have been working on sets and numbers.  We have started working on name recognition without pictures. 

Next Tuesday (February 14) we will be having a friendship party.  Children may bring cards to exchange with their friends. Please allow your children to write their own names on their cards.  Also, if you would like to send a treat to share, that would be great.  Please remember treats must be store bought and individually wrapped.  We have 20 children and 2 teachers.

Also, notes went home regarding our cell phone policy and it’s posted at the entrance of the school. Please remember cell phone usage is not permitted past the front entrance of the school.  When you are in the hallway or in our classroom talking on your cell phone, it is disruptive to our children.    

Feel free to contact me here at the school with any questions or concerns you may have.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Miss Kim

(260) 423-4333