Weekly news in Room 101

Parents in Room 101

Congratulations to Ms Quay, who had a healthy baby boy Sunday February 12th around the 9 o'clock hour.  His name is Ja'Mion, he was 4lbs 13oz and went home with mom on Valentine's Night.  What a special gift to take home for a Valentine!  Ms. Quay would like to thank all the parents who brought special gifts for the baby and those who kept her in prayer.  

In the classroom, the children are getting used to Ms. Julia.  The rules are a little different and it will be an adjustment for all, but the children are doing well in the transition.  They have already started learning their colors in Spanish!  

With Montessori curriculum it is important for the children to have routine and structure.  Ms. Julia will be taking the kids 'all the way back to the beginning' for at least the first week.  This will give the kids a chance to learn Ms. Julia's expectations for the room and to practice what is expected.  They will still be working on their work, Ms. Julia will pick up where Ms. Quay left off and the children will continue learning and applying what they know, without loosing momentum.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition or your child's education, please feel free to come in at anytime to observe in the classroom or call to make an appointment to speak with the teachers.