105 Happenings


     Wow, January went fast! It was nice having such mild weather during January. I wish the groundhog had predicted that spring was on its way. We were tired of waiting for snow to play with, so we made some of our own and put it in the sensory bowl. The children enjoyed exploring with it.

This week we learned about shadows. The children enjoyed creating shadow puppets on the wall and exploring different ways to create a shadow with their hands. This month we are going to finish our cultural studies on the continent of Antarctica and begin studying North America. We will also discuss dinosaurs, black history, learn about tooth care, healthy habits and talk about caring for others.

 Valentine’s Day Party

      On February 14th we will have a Valentine’s Day party. The teachers are asking the children to bring 20 Valentines (one for each of the students in the class). We would like the children to sign their own name or if your child has not learned how to write his/her name you may write it for them on each card. Then, your child can try to write it under the one you wrote. They may also bring a bag of candy to pass out if they want.  Please send the Valentines to school on February 14th.  We will also play a few games on that day! 



                     Miss Robin & Mrs. Tonia