105 News

     Our theme this week was dinosaurs. We read some books and discussed some of the different kinds of dinosaurs. We also had discussions on how fossils are made, found, dug up and put together like a puzzle.  On Wednesday, our student teacher did a lesson which encouraged the children to learn the different kinds of dinosaurs. On Friday we put a new work on the sensory shelf that allows the children to up dig dinosaur bones using a small brush. Next week we will focus on dental health and keeping our bodies healthy.

     Our letter of the week was Pp. During discussions the children came up with many words that start with Pp. Some of these included Panera, Parana, please, princess and many others.  Next week we will study the letter Jj.

       We're so involved with dinosaurs this week that we did not get to start our African study. So we will focus on that continent over the next few weeks.

                                                                       Have a great week!

                                                                       Miss Robin and Mrs. Tonia