103 Classroom News

Greetings Parents

this week the children practiced writing in their new journals.  They get to do this several times a day.  This provides them with good practice of using a writing tool, holding it properly and using those fine motor skills.

Black history month is upon us and our class will be learning how to make a Kinte cloth.  Each child will get the opportunity to color their own Kinte print and we will put them together to make a whole.  This teaches the children unity and team work.  We will also ease the children into learning about the continent of Africa.  They will learn about the land animals, the shape of the Continent, and the climate. 

We have had a change in our classroom; Mr Veazy is helping in our classroom while Ms. Quilla is out.  The children are adjusting well.

Please stop in anytime to see your child hard at work.

Ms. Maureen