Room 104 News

Hello Families,

We are excited to have a new teacher in our classroom.  Miss Kari has been with us for almost a week, the children are adjusting well.  Some of you have already been introduced to Miss Kari, for those of you who haven’t, please feel free to stop in and say hello. 

As you all know, February is Black History Month, we will be learning about many African American Heroes in our Nation’s history.  So far, we have talked about Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges.  We are also celebrating, kindness and love in the month of February. 

You may hear your children talk about filling your bucket, we have been talking about what it means to be a bucket filler. When you do or say something kind or helpful you are being a bucket filler.  Beginning next week we will have a bucket in our classroom that we are going to fill, once the bucket is full we will have a pizza party.  I have explained to the children that they can also do kind or helpful things at home, this is where we need your help, when your child does something kind or helpful at home just simply write their first name and what they did, send it to school with them and we will place it in our bucket. 

We are also beginning to practice writing and recognizing the letters in our first name.  We have started to study the continents, next week we will be talking about Asia.

Germs have invaded our classroom and we have had several children out sick this week. We sanitize several times a day, however when children come to school sick infecting other children and teachers it is almost unavoidable; please keep an eye on your child and use your better judgement about sending them to school if they are not feeling well.  We have also been talking about how important it is to cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze and how important it is to wash our hands, please practice this at home as well.   As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me here at the school.

Have a Great Week

Miss Kim