Room 101 News

Hello Parents, welcome to another week of learning!  Your children have been working hard on the materials in the classroom to build their skills and knowledge for their next level.  

I would like to share a piece of news with you all,  I will be going on maternity leave as of February 10, 2017.  Ms. Angela will be with the children and the teacher that will be stepping in for me is Ms. Julia Vasquez, she is the teacher currently in room 102.  Also, Ms. Gandhi will be helping out every Tuesday.  She has been with MLKMS for a long time and she is definitely great with teaching and helping the children understand more about Montessori learning.  

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful gifts and blessings for my new baby

Please don't forget to check your child's book bags and folders each day!

Have a wonderful weekend!!