Room 105 News

          Our class will be very busy this month. This month we are going to continue learning about ways to keep healthy. Some of our discussions will be about healthy food choice, exercise, and getting plenty of rest.  We will also discuss things that are bad for the body like tobacco products, poisons and other people’s medications. The children also will be learning about Europe. We will study Ireland and discuss potatoes, leprechauns, rainbows, gold, the color green, shamrocks (4 leaf clovers) and St Patrick.

            Dates to Remember

March 12th Time Springs Forward

March 16th- MLK Movie Night at the Library

March 17th – Wear Green

March 20th- First Day of Spring!!!!

March 23rd= Doughnuts for Dads

March 24th – No School Staff Development

April 4th-8th – Spring Break (No School)

Spotlight on Health

  Sleep is so important! Pediatricians agree that not getting enough sleep can cause children serious problems such as: 

·         Reduced coordination and reaction time; tired children are much more likely to get hurt.

·         Difficulty paying attention and reduced memory retention, which results in less learning in school.

·         Increased irritability, rising frustration, and difficulty controlling emotions.

Here are some guidelines on how much sleep children need in a 24 hour period (night time and naptime sleeps combined):

Age 3: 12-12 ½ hours  

Age 4: 11 ½ -12 hours

Age 5: 10- 11 hours

Our naptime at school is about 1 ½ hours long.

                                             *Information provided by the Children’s Home Society of California


                                                                                                         Miss Robin and Mrs. Tonia