Room 105 News

This week we focused on shoe tying and matching objects with their beginning letter sounds. We also learned a few new sight words.

     Our letter of the week was Nn. During discussions the children came up with many words that start with Nn. Some of these included nice, nail polish, news, net, numbers and many others.  Next week we will study the letter Uu.

       We started studying Europe on Wednesday. We learned that it has a variety of climates, mountains, valleys, coasts, peninsulas, seas and many other fun facts.  Next week we will focus on Ireland.

Sight words we have practiced

a, I, the, to, at, and, go, my, you, up, can, run, love, mom, dad, see, happy, birthday, clap, fast, slow, stop, jump, hop

You can practice these at home too.  Make flash cards and play a memory game, or post them on the refrigerator, or somewhere your child can see them regularly. 

                                                                       Have a great week!

                                                                       Miss Robin and

                                                                       Mrs. Tonia