Introduction to Room 105!

Introduction to Room 105

     Hello and welcome from the teachers in 105. Our names are Miss Robin and Ms. Quay and we look forward to working with your child this year. In our class we encourage the children to be independent. Most of the lessons in the classroom can be practiced at home too. Some of these lessons are: putting on shoes and clothes, pouring, using a spoon, cleaning up a mess at meal times, putting his/her own work (toys) away, zipping, buttoning, snapping clothes, tying shoes and folding clothes.  The teachers will be sending a newsletter home every month to let you know more about our classroom activities and reminders. We are excited to see your child grow in knowledge and experience this year!


     Today your child brought their blue folders home for the first time. Please make sure it comes back to school with them every day. We told your child that he/she is the mailperson. Their responsibility is to deliver the folder with the mail to you and then deliver it back to school. If you have a note or paper for us please put them in the folder. When we have information or permission slips for you we will put them in the folder. If the paper is a newsletters or information please take them out of the folder so we know you saw them. If the information is a permission slip or something that needs to be filled out, please sign them and put them right back in the folder.


     Your child needs a small blanket and may have a small pillow for nap time. The blankets will be sent home every Friday to be washed and needs to return to school by Monday.

Extra clothes

       Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes to keep at school. We need them in case of bathroom accidents, spills or any other reason we might need to change clothes.

Family Pictures

     Please send two or three family pictures to school so we can laminate them and place them on our picture door. This helps make the classroom feel more like the children’s community and helps us get to know each other better.



Miss Robin and

Ms. Quay