February Newsletter

Dear Parents of 104,

January pasted quickly as we started to focus on our letters.  We have worked on the following letters:  l, j, t, f and this past week we worked on the letter h.  Each letter we worked on writing the letter in the air together, practiced writing the letter on paper, and worked on the sound of the letter.  This past week as we worked together on the letter h we came up with the following words that begin with the letter h: hat, horse, hippo, hen, helicopter, heart, hospital, hog, hair, head, hand, hot, help, hamburger, hi and hello.

As you work with the child at home, repeat the letter, number three times.  It takes three times for their brain to absorb the letter, number or whatever that we are working on.

 In February 14, we will be having a Valentine’s Day Party.  Please send in Valentines with just your child’s name on the back of the valentine.  We will make sure that each child we receive their valentine.  I encourage the children to sign their valentine as that is good practice to write their name.  If you would like to bring in a treat you are welcome to do that.

 Take time to breathe, take time to live in the moment and our time is now. I tell the children every day to breathe and the live in the moment.  

 Ms. Stacey and Ms. Angela