March newsletter 102




Ms. Julia/Ms. Quay

Classroom News!

We are engaging in lots of different things in the classroom! Ms. Julia has been presenting activities for children in different ways for them to learn and have fun! Ms. Quay has been getting projects ready for St. Patrick’s Day and spring art work!



Doughnuts with dudes March 14th

Engenē- March 18th

St. Patrick’s Day March 17th



Please check child’s folder for information that is sent from the office and teachers.

Please send extra clothes& shoes as accidents do happen but not just for soiling themselves but from paint, mud or water.



As the weather changes please dress children accordingly. We go outside if its 25 degrees or higher!!!

February Newsletter

We are moving right along! We are still working with the children on classroom expectations/rules. We will be introducing new materials to the children to challenge their minds! We also will be sending assessments home later in the month to update parents on where your child is and what they still need to work on. Let’s all work together on building your child’s future!!


Feb. 7 Skye

Feb. 14 Valentines Day Party. We have 10 boys, 9 girls, 2 teachers and a grandma!

Feb. 27 Wear Red for Montessori/Share my Seat 10am-11:30am

Feb. 25- March 2: Montessori Education Week


Please Check book bags and folders for important papers. Also, we will be sending home work home with you child on Friday’s. Homework needs to be completed and turned in by Tuesday!!

We do not go outside if the temperature is 25 degrees or lower. If it is 26 degrees or higher we will go out for a short time. Please dress your child with a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and boots.

102 News

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the school year. Here’s what we will cover over the next few weeks:

We’ve gone from working with colors to learning our ABC’s and counting and recognizing number and shapes. listening to directions and following rules of the classroom. We are now getting prepared for graduation .

During May we’ll study the parts of flowers and work on our garden. We would love to take a walk in the rain with our rain boots and poncho on. If your child has rain boots they are welcome to leave them at school.  The kids are excited about this adventure we look forward to this activity .

In May we are learning about monument icons. The children are looking forward to working with the new material. They were excited to see these miniature structures. I look forward to teaching them the names and drawing them on paper or building them in the block area.

Last Field Trip
On May 24, we are going to Mc Donald’s for lunch and enjoying a day at the park. Please sign forms that were sent home on May 1, 2018. Monies are due the week before.

Closing Ceremonies
Please join us Thursday May 31, at 6p.m.  to celebrate our year together. Graduates, who are ready for kindergarten, will be honored.

Upcoming Birthday's

















February News Letter

Happy February parents and guardians. This month has been a little off track. We have had several children out due to illness. I can’t stress enough about not sending your child to school while they are sick. We are talking to the children daily about washing their hands correctly and often. The best method for hand washing is with soap and water, if water is not readily available hand sanitizer is an alternative with adult supervision. We have also talked about covering their cough and sneeze. We encourage them to sneeze and cough in their sleeves.

On February 14, we are having our Valentine’s Day party. Please have your child wear red or pink that day. You are welcome to bring in treats for our party. We currently have 18 students in our class. These numbers may change due to illnesses in our class. I will send you an exact count as soon as possible. The children will need a box to put their Valentine’s cards in. This can be a home activity or your child may bring their box to school and I will help them decorate their box. In the past, parents have used a shoe box, cereal box, and/or tissue box. You can be creative as you can with this project.

During the month of January, we have been working very hard on writing our first and last name, and recognizing lower case letters. We will continue to practice writing daily. When the children are writing their names at home, please remind them to say each letter as they write them. Repetition will help them recognize the letter while they are writing. Please make sure to check your child’s backpack for homework.

In the classroom, the children are enjoying the weekly visit from Junior Achievement. Ms. Corinne reads a story to the children and then begins a new activity regarding money. MS. Corinne talked to the children about the difference between needs and wants. The children were laughing and engaged during the activity.  Afterwards, the children get to take their projects homes.

Important Announcement:

Ms. Maureen will transition to room 103 on February 5, 2018. Ms. Maureen will be taking the lead teacher position in that room. We are sad that Ms. Maureen is leaving our classroom but we are excited that she will be next door.

Birthday’s this month:





We are now six weeks into our 2017-2018 school year, and we have been quite busy.  The first six to eight weeks of the Montessori curriculum is dedicated to normalization.  During the normalization period we introduce the children to the rules of the class, the Montessori materials in the classroom and how they are used and cared for, and also acquainting ourselves with one another.

            The Montessori area that we have been focused is our Practical Life area.  In practical life, we help the children with life skills that they will use every day, such as the correct way to pour liquids from a pitcher, scooping with spoons and ladles from one bowl into another bowl, folding, buttoning, zipping their coats, sweeping.  These skills even though simple in thought, promote so much more. Pouring and scooping for example help the children develop hand/eye coordination, grasping skills, volume of matter.  As for folding, buttoning, and zipping the children learn how to care for themselves and others.  Evening during our mealtimes, the children are engaged and learning how to take care of themselves, and their environment.  The children take their plates to the table, pour their own milk, sit at the table and have conversations with those at their table.  When they are finished, the children take care of their place, by scraping the plates, emptying the glasses, and taking care of any spills or messes at the table they were sitting.  These skills give the children great pride and responsibility for themselves, others, and their environment. 

            Our children have learned some important skills and lessons which we are sure they would like to tell you and show you. Please give them the opportunities to show you what they have learned and taken great pride in.

            In October, we will beginning on letter recognition, and sequencing of events.  These lessons will introduce the children to the Language area of the Montessori curriculum.

Thank you,

Ms. Julia and Ms. Maureen

Thank you from Room #102 to all our parents who helped on our field trip to the apple orchard, it was greatly appreciated.

What you need to Know for Room 105

“This then is the first duty of an educator to stir up life.  But leave it free to develop.” 

                                                                                                                        Maria Montessori


Another week is finished, and graduation is coming closer.  We had a busy week.  We learned about the letter “Aa”.  There was much to learn about the letter “A” the short and long sound, the shape of the “A”.  We also listened for the sound of the letter “A” in words that started with that letter and words that had “a” in the middle like cat, hat etc..

Next week we will put some letters together with the letter “a” and see what words we can come up with.  This will be the beginning of our sight words.  I will start to send home index cards with the letters that we have learned and are working on.  I would suggest you lay them out on the kitchen table and review them on a daily basis.  This will help them become wonderful lifetime learners.  We will also talk about the letter “Hh.”

 On Friday, we will have a St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Please bring in a green treat if you would like and also, wear something green.  

 We have several birthdays this week:





Hope you all have a great Birthday and a special day!!!!

Until next week………..Ms. Stacey