105 September Newsletter

Miss Alexis

Miss Stephany

Miss Robin

Kindergarten/Advanced 5 year olds





Hello Parents!

Welcome to a new school year! We will be sending home newsletters throughout the year to keep you updated on what is going on in our room.

We have already began visiting the library every Tuesday. Each student will be allowed to check out two books that they should be reading at home to a parent or with a parent throughout the week. Books should be returned back to school the following Monday in order to check out new books that week.

We will be posting family pictures in our classroom so please provide a family photo (these can be emailed to Miss Robin at rclemens@mlkdreamschool.org).

Reading logs should be completed each night, including over the weekend. Please make sure this is sent back to school every day in their green folder.

Homework  folders will be sent out Monday 9/16 and should be returned that following Friday with papers completed.

READ!! Try to get in 20 minutes of reading each day. (Doesn’t have to be continuous)

•Let them help you cook. Help them to measure out ingredients.

•Practice singing the alphabet with them using only the letter sounds.

•Have them sort toys by color, shape, size, etc.

Important Dates:

•September 2- No School

•September 12- Back to school Breakfast at 8:30

•September 16- Homework will start being sent home

February Newsletter

105 Happenings

 Wow, January went fast! It was nice having small amounts of snow weather during January. I wish the groundhog had predicted that spring was on its way. We were tired of waiting for snow to play with because of the cold, so we put some in a big tub and brought it in to make a small snowman. The children enjoyed exploring with the snow too.

Last week we learned about shadows. The children enjoyed creating shadow puppets on the wall and exploring different ways to create a shadow with their hands. This month we are going to start our cultural studies on the continent of Australia and then we will begin learning about Asia. We will also discuss dinosaurs, black history, learn about tooth care, healthy habits and talk about caring for others.

Valentine’s Day Party

On February 14th we will have a Valentine’s Day party. The teachers are asking the children to bring 20 Valentines (one for each of the students in the class). We would like the children to sign their own name or if your child has not learned how to write his/her name you may write it for them on each card. Then, your child can try to write it under the one you wrote. They may also bring a bag of candy to pass out if they want.  Please send the Valentines to school on February 14th.  We will also play a few games on that day! 


           Miss Robin & Mrs. Quay


 * We do go outside everyday if the temperature is above 32 degrees, so please dress your children in warm outside clothes including coats that fasten, hats, mittens and boots.

* Please let your child try to dress themselves and put on their own shoes at home to reinforce what we are working on in the classroom.

Dates to Remember:

 February 8th 3:30-4:30    Parent Advisory Committee

February 13th 3;00-4:30    I Love to Read

February 14th:                    Valentine’s Day Party

Feb.26th –March 2nd         Montessori Week

February 28th                    Wear Red For Montessori

News For November in 105!

Great October Fun

     Thank you to the parents who joined us on the pumpkin patch field trip and to  Jceon Phillpot’s mom for decorating a trunk and passing out candy for trunk or treat! The children had a great time. J

     Our class ended October with a fun fall party. We carved our pumpkin, played a spider ring toss game and other games. This was a fun break for all the children after working so hard for conference time. Thank you to all the parents who came to the conferences. It was nice to talk with you about your child’s progress.

November News

     We will have a lot of discussions this month on what we are thankful for and the people in our families. If you have not sent family pictures in this would be a great time to do so. We will also be discussing our city and state this week and our country next week. Then we will be ready to discuss the 7 continents. We usually learn about one continent per month,

     Be watching the green folders for a note home about the Family Feast the school is having on Tuesday November 21st.

     Don’t forget to bring in can goods before our Community Harvest food bank Trip on November 15th!

    Activities to reinforce

*Folding Laundry

* Naming colors

*Naming shapes

*The letter sounds t, m, b, h and a

*Name tracing / writing

If your child is just beginning you can write their name with a yellow marker and they can trace it with another color marker.

sight words:

  I          a           the       and       you

Dates to Remember

November 8th- Vision screening

November 15th @10:30- Community Harvest Food Bank                                          

November 21st - Family Feast 11:00-1:00

 Look for a note this week for Information on our Feast                                       

November 23rd, 24th – Thanksgiving Break  No School

December 1st – Christmas Bureau family items due                       

December 7th- Dwenger Field Trip   No Parents are needed this Field Trip

Introduction to Room 105!

Hello and welcome from the teachers in 105. Our names are Miss Robin and Ms. Quay and we look forward to working with your child this year. In our class we encourage the children to be independent. Most of the lessons in the classroom can be practiced at home too. Some of these lessons are: putting on shoes and clothes, pouring, using a spoon, cleaning up a mess at meal times, putting his/her own work (toys) away, zipping, buttoning, snapping clothes, tying shoes and folding clothes.  The teachers will be sending a newsletter home every month to let you know more about our classroom activities and reminders. We are excited to see your child grow in knowledge and experience this year!


     Today your child brought their blue folders home for the first time. Please make sure it comes back to school with them every day. We told your child that he/she is the mailperson. Their responsibility is to deliver the folder with the mail to you and then deliver it back to school. If you have a note or paper for us please put them in the folder. When we have information or permission slips for you we will put them in the folder. If the paper is a newsletters or information please take them out of the folder so we know you saw them. If the information is a permission slip or something that needs to be filled out, please sign them and put them right back in the folder.


     Your child needs a small blanket and may have a small pillow for nap time. The blankets will be sent home every Friday to be washed and needs to return to school by Monday.

Extra clothes

       Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes to keep at school. We need them in case of bathroom accidents, spills or any other reason we might need to change clothes.

Family Pictures

     Please send two or three family pictures to school so we can laminate them and place them on our picture door. This helps make the classroom feel more like the children’s community and helps us get to know each other better.



Miss Robin and

Ms. Quay    

Room 105 News

This week we focused on shoe tying and matching objects with their beginning letter sounds. We also learned a few new sight words.

     Our letter of the week was Nn. During discussions the children came up with many words that start with Nn. Some of these included nice, nail polish, news, net, numbers and many others.  Next week we will study the letter Uu.

       We started studying Europe on Wednesday. We learned that it has a variety of climates, mountains, valleys, coasts, peninsulas, seas and many other fun facts.  Next week we will focus on Ireland.

Sight words we have practiced

a, I, the, to, at, and, go, my, you, up, can, run, love, mom, dad, see, happy, birthday, clap, fast, slow, stop, jump, hop

You can practice these at home too.  Make flash cards and play a memory game, or post them on the refrigerator, or somewhere your child can see them regularly. 

                                                                       Have a great week!

                                                                       Miss Robin and

                                                                       Mrs. Tonia

Room 105 News

Our class will be very busy this month. This month we are going to continue learning about ways to keep healthy. Some of our discussions will be about healthy food choice, exercise, and getting plenty of rest.  We will also discuss things that are bad for the body like tobacco products, poisons and other people’s medications. The children also will be learning about Europe. We will study Ireland and discuss potatoes, leprechauns, rainbows, gold, the color green, shamrocks (4 leaf clovers) and St Patrick.

            Dates to Remember

March 12th Time Springs Forward

March 16th- MLK Movie Night at the Library

March 17th – Wear Green

March 20th- First Day of Spring!!!!

March 23rd= Doughnuts for Dads

March 24th – No School Staff Development

April 4th-8th – Spring Break (No School)

Spotlight on Health

  Sleep is so important! Pediatricians agree that not getting enough sleep can cause children serious problems such as: 

·         Reduced coordination and reaction time; tired children are much more likely to get hurt.

·         Difficulty paying attention and reduced memory retention, which results in less learning in school.

·         Increased irritability, rising frustration, and difficulty controlling emotions.

Here are some guidelines on how much sleep children need in a 24 hour period (night time and naptime sleeps combined):

Age 3: 12-12 ½ hours  

Age 4: 11 ½ -12 hours

Age 5: 10- 11 hours

Our naptime at school is about 1 ½ hours long.

                                             *Information provided by the Children’s Home Society of California


                                                                                                         Miss Robin and Mrs. Tonia