September 2019

Welcome Back!!

The new 2019-2020 school year has begun!  We are excited and thrilled to begin a new year.  We welcome our new families and are happy to see some returning faces. 

  We are asking that everyone who self-transports their child please follow the arrows and get in the car line.  Once the buses are lined up in front Please do not proceed around them.  This is for the safety of our children.  Dismissal is at 3:30, buses will load at 3:25, and car riders will be dismissed at 3:30.  If someone else is picking up your child please give us a call by 2:30 to let us know.  We will need their full name and they will need to show their ID and sign the child out before leaving with the child.  Please make sure they are aware of this procedure.

If you need to park and come inside we ask that you wait until all the children have either entered or exited the building and also to park on the west side of the parking lot(section closest to Anthony), as to not block the buses or have the buses block you.

Once again this is for the safety of the children, staff and parents.

Please look for folders coming home with important information for/about your child.  Please return the folders the next day.

More Important News

School begins at 8:30am.  Please make sure you have your child here on time.  You may only come late by 10:30am with a note from a Physician’s office stating the child had been seen. Please call to let us know.

•        Please look for folders coming home with important information for/about your child.  Please return the folders the next day

Please make sure you have your child’s physical updated.We need all children’s physicals to be dated within the year and signed by the doctor, and turned in by September 30, 2019.

Important Announcement

Starting 9.9.19 we ask that you do not walk your child to their classroom. They need to gain their independence and leave you at the door.   

Just a reminder: All BrightPoint swipes need to be completed by 5:30pm every Friday. If this is not done, your child will not be able to attend school until it is done. Thank you for your support in this!

Just a reminder:

It’s so exciting to see children grow and learn right before your eyes.  The teachers are getting acquainted with all the children, and the children are getting acquainted with each other and learning all the rules of the classroom.  We will be having our Back to School Breakfast Thursday September 12th at 8:30am.  Please get involved with your child’s education; learn the teacher’s specific guidelines and expectations for your child’s classroom.  This will give you the opportunity to see exactly what your child is working on and how they manipulate the Montessori works.  We are looking forward to a great new year with lots of fun, learning and parent involvement. 

Parent Reminders:

Make sure your child has an extra change of clothing here that is appropriate for the weather.  We know that sometimes accidents happen and we would like to refrain from calling parents at work/school if necessary.

You need to call the office if your child will not be riding the bus. In the mornings please call close to 7am. If you need to call earlier leave a message at extension 100.

If your child will not be riding the bus in the afternoon please call the office no later than 3pm so we can notify the bus drivers and the teachers.

Upcoming Events

September 10

PAC Parent Meeting at 6pm

September 12

Back to School Breakfast at 8:30am

Mark your calendars—

10.3.19 Picture Day

10.10.19 Goodies with Grandparents

10.11.19 No School-Staff Development

Staff Spotlight:

Greta McKinney, Executive Director

Greta McKinney began her tenure as Director of MLK Montessori School in April 2012. Greta received her undergraduate degree in Human Services from Purdue University and her master’s degree in Education from Indiana University. Greta’s passion for Montessori began in the mid-eighties when she was employed as an assistant at the Sarah Lynch Developmental Center. There, she worked with children with disabilities utilizing the Montessori philosophy. 

Greta is passionate about ensuring that every child receives a high-quality education. In her role as Director, she hires only licensed and degreed (or degree-seeking) teachers. She also ensures that all teachers are Montessori-certified.

Greta’s goal for MLK Montessori School is to continue to instill in children a love of learning that will enable them to confidently meet the challenges and demands they will face as they become our future leaders. 

March Newsletter

Here we are in March already!!  The days are getting a little longer; the weather is…unpredictable, but hopefully it will begin to stay sunny and warmer longer.  I know some of us are looking forward to spring break, which will begin April 3rd and end on April 7th.  We will be closed March 24th for Staff Development.  Please make sure all of your CANI swiping, copayments, and tuition is caught up before spring break.

March is a pretty quiet month.  The children will continue working and perfecting skills they have already learned and will be learning new lessons.  We have had some staff changes recently and we appreciate your understanding and patience; if your child has been affected by one of these changes.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call the office or stop in and observe your child’s classroom.

We will begin our Spring Fund Raiser on March 6 and we have just 2 weeks to sell and raise as much as we can.  If you did not sell for the fall fundraiser make sure that you do for this one.  We want all of our families and parents to be involved.  This fund Raiser will help with some of the cost associated with graduation.

It is that time already to prepare for graduation.  We will soon put in our order.  If your child is a graduate this year, please be prepared to pay all applicable fees.   The fee for graduation is $40.00, this includes the cap with tassel, gown, 4 invitations per family, diploma, and other expenses. Please note that ALL tuition/co-pays/fees will have to be paid IN FULL, for your child to participate in the ceremony.  If you would like to set up a payment arrangement please stop by the office or call as soon as possible to take care of your outstanding obligations. 

We have had one major change in our graduation…the Graduation Ceremony will be held on THURSDAY JUNE 1st instead of Friday June 2nd.  The time remains the same, graduates are expected to arrive at the church at 5pm and the ceremony will begin promptly at 6pm.  Please mark your calendars for this change.  The ceremony will be held at Fellowship Missionary Church.  Please note that space is limited in the chapel area that we use, so please limit the family members to immediate family only and no other children.

MLK Family Movie Night at the Hessen Cassel Library on March 17th the movie starts at 6pm; but if you want to be counted in for pizza, please arrive by 5:30 for a meet and greet and library fun.

“Education is the natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening

to words, but by experiences in the environment.”     

                                                                               Maria Montessori

February Monthly Newsletter


Well, we are in for 6 more weeks of winter according to Phil the Groundhog; he saw his shadow this year.  Hopefully the next 6 weeks will be as mild as the last.  We promise to get the kids outside, if the weather permits.  We know the children need fresh air and a place to get rid of all those germs that are trying to invade our classrooms.  We have had several children out sick this week and some last week.  Please, if you notice your child is feeling a little under the weather or has symptoms of cold or flu please have them checked out by a physician or keep them home until symptoms subside.  We want to try to keep everyone healthy as possible, even our teachers are at risk.  We make sure the children are washing their hands and we sanitize daily, sometimes however those little germs still seem to get the best of us.

February is widely known as “Black History Month.”  We will be studying some of the great people, who fought for the rights of African Americans, especially our name sake, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  If you happen to be in the building please check out the display of short biography’s posted along the hallway.  Each classroom teacher will have their own projects and ways to educate the children on some of the struggles and people who helped make our country great. 



Parent Reminders:

  •  Please be sure to go to our website (listed above) to check out important dates and  to see what your child’s classroom is doing week.
  •  February 20-24 is Montessori Education Week; you are welcome, as always, to come  in and learn about the specific Montessori materials your child is working with.  Work  time in the classroom is from 9:30am-11:30am.
  •  Make sure your child has an extra change of clothing here that is appropriate for the  weather.  We know that sometimes accidents happen and we would like to refrain  from calling parents at work/school if necessary.
  •  Look for a flyer regarding the ‘Sock Hop’ which will be held towards the end of  April.  This is a dance we do every year, last year it was the “Sweet Heart Ball,” the  year before that, the “Winter Wonderland Ball”   We want families to be involved and  this is one way of doing that.  We will have a father/daughter dance, Mother/son  Dance, and other dances that the children love doing these days.  Pricing and ticket  sales are soon to follow.
  •  Believe it or not, it is time to get ready for graduation.  We will be ordering supplies  soon. If your child is a graduate this year (he/she will turn 5 before August 1), the  fees per child is $40.00 and need to be paid by March 27th.  This includes the cap,  gown, tassel, diploma, wrist band, 4 invitations, and a small fee for the venue.  We  will be doing a spring fundraiser to raise the majority of funds to pay for the cost of  the venue and other supplies needed for our annual graduation and graduation  party.
  •  Mark your calendars-- Doughnuts for Dads – March 23, 8:35am     

January Newsletter

Welcome Back!! Hopefully your vacation was relaxing and well spent with friends and family.  It is good to be back in the swing of things.  The children had a great time the last couple weeks of school visiting the Gingerbread Festival, decorating cookies, and making crafts and gifts for their families. 


January is a pretty calm month. The kids will be getting back into the routine of school and our soon-to-be kindergarteners will be cracking down and tightening up those kindergarten skills.  We will also start preparing for our graduation ceremony soon.  For those of you who have graduates be prepared for the graduation fee of $40.00 and also graduation pictures, if you would like to order, prices vary depending on package chosen.  All tuition and fees need to be paid to date and current before your child will be able to participate in the graduation ceremony; so please make sure you do not have any outstanding balances. 


It is that time of year again to start recruiting for our next year’s graduates.  The On My Way Pre-K program will be accepting applicants soon.  If you have a child who will be 4 by August 1, 2017 or know someone who does please pass along this information.  Applications can be picked up at the Brightpoint(CANI) office, at 227 E. Washington Blvd. or view their website,


We have a few announcements and housekeeping items that need to be addressed:

·         Now that we are in the season when there is a possible chance for inclement weather please make sure you tune in to the local Fort Wayne TV stations, and radio stations updates.  We will be listed separately from any other school system.  You will see MLK Montessori listed if there is a change in our schedule due to weather.  You can also text the code “EZTIZ73388” to 313131 to receive texts via text alert system (standard cell phone rates apply).  As a reminder, if there is a 2 hour delay, breakfast will not be served. 

·         Please remember school starts promptly at 8:30.  It is your responsibility to have your child ready for the bus each morning.  The bus will honk twice and wait for 1 minute.  You have been given a 15 minute time window of when the bus should arrive; please have your child ready.  If you self-transport your child please have your child here between 8:25 and 8:30am.  NO EXCEPTIONS! This is stated in the parent handbook which you’ve all signed.  Please also make sure other family members, daycare providers, or anyone else who brings your child to school is aware of this policy.  Parking is limited, but we ask that you DO NOT block the walkway or driveway with your vehicle.  There is a car drop off/pick up line.  Please pull behind the buses/cars and wait for your turn to pull forward.  DO NOT DRIVE AROUND THE BUSES or other cars unloading children.  If you need to come into the building while dropping off your child please come before 8:25 and park on the west side of the lot (nearest Anthony).

·         Billing is done once a month.  We will send home a monthly statement at the end of each month, detailing amounts billed and payments made.  ALL PAYMENTS ARE STILL DUE IN ADVANCE AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH WEEK.  If you are unsure of the weekly tuition payment or co-pay please ask and we will gladly get the information for you. 


We will be closed on Friday Jan. 13th for staff Development and Monday Jan. 16th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. day.


News For May

We made it to May already!  Hopefully the warm weather will be moving in shortly and pretty soon we will be wishing it were cooler again. May is a very busy month as we wrap up the school year and are plan Graduation and our summer program.

We are ready to wrap up the 2015-2016 school year and begin our summer program.  If your child is planning to attend the summer program, it starts June 13th and goes until July 28th.  There is a $25 registration fee which will need to be paid by May 31st. These fees help us with field trips, and materials for the summer.  If your child is not attending the summer program but you would like us to save their spot for the fall, please let us know. 

Graduation is coming very soon.  Caps and gowns will be handed out in the upcoming weeks.  Remember, any outstanding balances need to be paid by June 1st.  If you would like to set up payment arrangements we will be more than happy to help you.  The last day for Graduates will be June 3rd, which will be a half day of school.  Parents of graduates please be extra vigilant when checking your child’s bag for pertinent graduation information.

The last day of school for non-graduates will be June 2nd.  We will be planning a fun filled day please call the office to ask how you can volunteer to help, plan, or participate in the events.

We will be taking our annual zoo field trip on May 27, 2016.  If you would like to volunteer to chaperone please give the office a call and let us know.  We leave MLK at 9:15 and return around 1:00 depending on the weather. We have zoo tickets for 4 adult chaperones per room who plan to ride the bus/Van to and from the zoo; these tickets are first come first serve.  If any more of you would like to be involved, you are welcome to meet us at the zoo or follow the bus and purchase your own ticket.  Please let us know so we can give you more information.

We will be closed May 30th in remembrance of Memorial Day.


MLKMS News for April

Finally, it’s Spring Time!!  Let’s hope for wonderful weather, especially while we enjoy our Spring Break, maybe a little rain to get the flowers blooming and grass green, but defiantly lots of sun.

Kindergarten is right around the corner for my friends who will be 5 by August 1.  If your child is turning 5 years old in the month of August but after the 1st, and you would like them to go to kindergarten you must apply for a waiver.  This means you will need to contact the school or school system you would like your child to attend.  Fort Wayne Community School Administration student services’ phone number is 260-467-2691.  East Allen County School Administration phone number is 260-446-0100. They can tell you which school your child will attend based on the information you give, and how to apply for the kindergarten waiver.

Graduation fees will need to be paid by May 1st.  The fee this year is $40.00 which covers the cap, gown, tassel, diploma, 4 announcements, and a small shared fee for the venue. The graduation ceremony will be held at Fellowship Missionary Church, 2536 E. Tillman Rd. at 6pm.  Graduates will need to be there by 5pm.  Graduation pictures will be Tuesday May 10th so keep that in mind if you would like to order pictures. Only individual pictures will be taken for those that have paid for them. Please have your order forms turned in with exact amount/check/or money order, the forms will be sent home with your child mid-April.   

Parent teacher conferences will be held at the end of April on Thursday the 28th from 3:45-6pm and Friday the 29th all day from 8:30am-4pm.  The school will be closed for students on that Friday.  This is mandatory for all parents to attend; a signup sheet will be sent home with times available right after spring break.  Times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you get those sign in sheets turned back in with your time preference.

April is a very busy month; the week we come back we will celebrate ‘The Week of the Young Child:

  • Monday April 11 – Music Monday-Sing, Dane Celebrate and Learn
  • Tuesday April 14 – Taco Tuesday- Healthy Eating, fitness at home and at school
  • Wednesday April 15 – Work Together Wednesday-Building Communities
  • Thursday April 16 – Artsy Thursday-Visitors from Bishop Dwenger here to help us
  • Friday April 17 – Family Friday-Open House Come see your child at work 8:30-12:30

The week after that… will be spirit week

  • Monday April 18 – Hat/Team spirit Day-wear your favorite hat or your favorite team attire or wear both
  • Tuesday April 19 – Toon Tuesday-wear your favorite cartoon character shirt/outfit
  • Wednesday April 20 – Wacky Wednesday-Inside out or backwards clothes/mismatch socks or shoes/crazy hair
  • Thursday April 21 – Crazy Sock Day-just like it sounds, find creative ways to wear socks or just wear crazy socks
  • Friday April 22 – Pajama Day/Pizza Party-wear clean pajamas, slippers can be worn IN the classroom only

Scholastic book fair will be held here April 25-29 in the library.  Your children may be coming home with a wish list and you are welcome to come in and shop for books at any time.  This is a great way for us to expand our library; depending on the amount of sales, we will be able to receive new books for the library.  Teachers will also have a wish list on the wall if parents would like to buy a book and donate it to their child’s classroom library.  We look forward to a great turnout this year.