Advanced Twins Find Good Fit in Montessori Classroom

A year and a half ago, Keba was feeling distressed. She had just been told that her twin sons, Niccali and Nicclin (then age 4), should consider attending another school. As their teacher explained, it wasn’t that they had been disruptive or challenging—rather, the boys were just too advanced; she had nothing left to teach them! 

Keba considered enrolling Niccali and Niccalin in kindergarten, but no school would take them. Although they tested very well, they were just too young. Unsure where to turn, she took the advice of a co-worker and scheduled a tour at MLK Montessori. Right away, Keba was impressed by both MLK and the Montessori Method and felt optimistic that the school would be a good fit for her sons. 

Sure enough, the twins’ experience at MLK was a resounding success. Keba marveled when they would come home from school and tell her about the seven continents or the decimal system. She tells us, “These are not things that I knew about when I was four!” She credits the Montesori Method with allowing Niccali and Nicclin to explore these more advanced academic concepts. “They weren’t limited at MLK. The teachers never said, ‘You have to learn this because that’s what we’re on today.’ They were always stimulated.” 


Keba was so impressed with MLK that Niccali and Nicclin have re-enrolled this year as part of MLK’s inaugural kindergarten classroom. One of their current teachers, Miss Robin, confirms that the boys are so advanced that she has essentially had to create an individual curriculum for them. “It’s very exciting for me! It keeps me on my toes!” she says. However, she adds that the Montessori Method is a perfect match for that individualized approach—each child learns in his own way and at his own pace.