Get to Know Our Montessori Teachers

At MLK Montessori, we know that exceptional learning takes place when you have exceptional teachers, and that is why we are so pleased to welcome our four newest additions! 

Melanie Peaks, a co-teacher in Room 103, holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Education, has previously worked as a nanny and a lead preschool teacher, and is herself the mother of a two-year-old boy! She is motivated by the excitement MLK students exhibit for learning, and she loves that the Montessori Method allows them to learn at their own pace and pursue their individual interests and passions. 

Rachel Holloway, also a co-teacher in 103, holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and has worked as both a nanny and an elementary educator. Rachel loves the perseverance she sees in MLK students: “If they don’t get it the first time, they’re ready to try it again!” She feels that the Montessori Method of education encourages this, as it teaches students to learn from their own mistakes versus having an adult simply fix things for them. 

Rebecca Wood, who joins us as a co-teacher in Room 105, holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, is nearly finished with her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and has worked with young children at both Head Start and a private daycare. Rebecca is inspired by the excitement that MLK students have for learning and loves “seeing the light click” when they master a new concept. She is thrilled to be a part of the MLK team, as she feels like it’s a great environment for kids and staff alike. 

Finally, Stephany Hancock is joining us as a co-teacher in Room 104. She holds an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked at several early learning centers. Stephany grew up on a farm and loves anything related to nature. In fact, she enjoyed examining live bugs with the students during the 2018 Summer Program! One of Stephany’s favorite parts about teaching is witnessing the “ah-ha moment;” she said it lifts her heart to see the look of pure joy on a child’s face when they finally get it.

Not only have we been focused on hiring highly qualified and degreed teachers, but we are also supporting our existing teachers as they develop greater expertise in the Montessori Method of Education. For example, two of our lead teachers, Stacey Wilson and Julia Vasquez, have traveled to the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education in Covington, Kentucky to earn their Montessori Early Childhood Teaching Credentials. Both teachers have grown tremendously as a result and are making practical changes in the classroom. For Stacey, the training has been a good reminder to step back on occasion and simply observe the students as they explore the materials, giving them plenty of time to indulge their intellectual curiosity. Julia has learned new approaches to challenge students who learn concepts quickly and has begun adapting traditional Montessori materials so that they provide greater academic rigor for these students.

John Dewy said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Already this school year, MLK Montessori is bursting with life. We are so excited and privileged to witness the tremendous explorations and discoveries that are taking place every day thanks to these and our other wonderful educators. 

Miss Julia interacts with an MLK Montessori student. Miss Stacey is pictured at the top of the article.

Miss Julia interacts with an MLK Montessori student. Miss Stacey is pictured at the top of the article.