The 2016 Election and Our Kids

Regardless of your political affiliations, this election cycle has been difficult. The barrage of negative rhetoric and imagery has been constant; we see it on the news, we see it on social media, and we hear it on the radio.  So do our sons and daughters.  

Although it may seem like our children aren’t listening, little humans are incredibly smart, absorbent creatures who hear and grasp more than we realize. What’s more, as they internalize the anxiety they see or the ugly language they hear, they often respond in unexpected ways. While some may act as if everything is fine, others may have nightmares, withdraw, lash out, or even bully.  As adults, our initial instinct is often to discipline (“Don’t do that.”) or marginalize their reactions (“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”).  However, we must remember that these behaviors (and the feelings that led to them) are natural responses to distressing situations.

At MLK Montessori, we believe everyone - parents, children, and the community at-large - can benefit from learning how to 1.) recognize feelings of distress in children and 2.) help them constructively deal with those feelings. We will be organizing an event (to be held Tuesday, November 29) at which time we will discuss how we can better help our children (and one another) move forward. We invite parents, grandparents, other family members, educators, and anyone from the community to attend. Details will be coming soon.

As Fort Wayne’s longest-serving Montessori preschool, MLK Montessori is committed to the founding principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, who passionately advocated for tolerance, global citizenship, and peaceful conflict resolution.